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S I R E N A A L I S E is a Professional 100 Hurdler currently training under Wes Williams and Rahn Sheffield, running for Wes Williams Elite, out of the San Diego area.

Sirena Alise is currently on her road to rio with the aspirations to compete at the Olympic level in the 2016 Olympics. The Sirena Alise Shop was created as a means for those who support Sirena Alise, to donate funds and receive an item of appreciation in the process. All contributions collected through The Sirena Alise Shop go towards helping Sirena Alise pursue her Olympic dreams and continued funding for The Sirena Alise Hurdle Clinic; which is designed to get kids off the streets and motivated about using sports as a means to live a healthy lifestyle, stay active and learn that there are various routes to achieving the life of their dreams, whether though sport or elsewhere.


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