Sirena Alise Hurdle Clinic


The Sirena Alise Hurdle Clinic

The Sirena Alise Hurdle Clinic (SAHC) is designed to teach youth the proper techniques of hurdling, both physical and mental. The Clinic teaches athletes proper warm up drills, speed and acceleration drills, proper hurdle technique, blocks starts and the mind set you should be in while executing drills and while hurdling.

The SAHC hopes to inspire the youth in Sirena Alise's home city, Fresno, CA, to get out and run. The clinic hopes to provide a weekend of fun and learning, that inspires the youth to pursue athletics as a means to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. The SAHC looks to inspire those who may have considered hurdling and those who are current hurdlers to learn proper techniques from a professional of the craft. There is no better person to learn hurdle techniques from than a professional athlete.

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